Environmental Responsibility

A closer view of the studio's environmental philosophy, and steps taken towards action in 2020


There is a vital relationship between beautiful, meaningful design and the natural world we inhabit. Thus, protecting this resource will always remain a foundational goal for the studio. 

I believe in mindful, ethical, and sustainable creative direction. My clients have the power to create change through their decisions in design, and I hope to enable them to see this choice. 

A responsible company in today's world aims to use less energy and create less waste. I hope that this baseline expectation of good business is not something that sets my studio apart, but instead inspires others to take similar action. Of course, this process will be a series of steady improvements, and that's ok.

Climate Neutral

I strive to lower carbon emissions by measuring my footprint, reducing what I can, and offsetting the rest. In 2019, the studio partnered with Climate Neutral to achieve carbon neutrality for that year, gaining certification in April 2020. As a micro-sized design studio, I hope our story with Climate Neutral can show similar businesses that carbon neutrality is achievable and rewarding.

For 2019, our studio offset ten tonnes of CO2e.
More info on our certification and impact is available here: 

1% for the Planet

The studio has been an active business member of 1% for the Planet since early 2019. 1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. As a member, I commit to set aside at least 1% of annual revenue to give back to nonprofit organizations fighting for a clean climate.

In 2019, the studio donated to The Environmental Center in Bend, Oregon, with more than 1% of our studio's revenue for that year. The Environmental Center is a regional hub of environmental education, engagement, and action, and we're proud to support their daily efforts for inspiring locals to live lighter on the planet!